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Moss Points North

Not to long ago I worked on a fun project for a band called “Moss Points North“. A great folk rockish style of music. I can be rather picky about my music taste, but these guys are pretty good so give them a listen. What we did here was simply manufacture a low cost CD. I was never a huge fan of full service CD manufacturers, like disc makers, they can provide a great service but I never had a good experience working them. Not to mention the price can get a bit steep depending on the purpose.

With so many CDs being given away these days that it makes sense not to spend too much money on what is considered marketing material. Now getting a Cd from discmakers can cost you about 4 to 7 dollars per Cd depending on how many bells and whistles you get with your order. The more you get the lower the cost. Though even now I will admit that disckmakers does offer some much lower cost options. Which is fantastic.

What we did here  was piecemeal a few different things together. I’m a huge fan of doing as much as possible on your own the cheaper the better but somethings you can’t do. We order these awesome no glue required sleeve packs made from light recycled cardboard. We burn the CDs on bravo primera that i got from a record label that was throwing it out. It just needed a little TLC to get the draw unstuck. We also ordered a larger sticker that acts as the front and back cover of CD. Lastly we also got a large foldable poster that inserts inside. Acting as a advertising poster, and also a lyric book, by having the words printed on the back.


We got all this stuff together and, and spent a night putting together around 200 full color CDs, with a poster/lyric book. in the end putting a good number of CDs together for under $2.00 a Cd, and that’s with me getting paid to put it together, and print the CD.

Check em out.


2 Responses to Moss Points North

  1. mary groth May 31, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    this is beautiful

  2. Tony June 4, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    Thank You, though i can’t take credit for the art its self. only the packaging idea and planning.

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