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I just recently moved to New Orleans, living in mid city. Which is awesome.  So far a very cool place to explore. One plus being that it is a walkable city, as in so much of the stuff that is of interest to most people is within a relatively short walking distance.

Awesome things: Being in a new city is great, and setting up in a new place is exciting. Not so awesome: is that moving cross country is expensive. While i’m scrounging for cheap studio furniture I came up with a free and workable solution by using the cardboard boxes from our move and remaking them into furniture pieces.

I have desk for my computer and speakers as well as a series of shelfs for my drawing paper, matte board, and completed drawings. In the middle image is a work bench sapce with storage underneath for pens and such.

and in the back is plastic home depot shelf that hold a ton of stuff and an hydraulic drafting table that was laying out in front of my neighbors house. Not a bad space to get working.

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