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Generations is a fold-able story. Its concept was created as a quick way to tell a short story on a single sheet of paper. This particular story is about a continuing generations of a growing town, and how a town is formed over the years. May still be more to come but for now, enjoy the video.

In order to print this out at home follow these simple directions.

1) Print out the first image. Save this (save target as) to your computer and print this out on a normal 8.5 x11 sheet of paper. Color printer is ideal.

2) Put that same piece of paper back into your printer, and save the next image, and print this out on the back side of the sheet.

Note: If you have a double sided printer then just save both images and print them on opposite sides.

3) After that it’s best to cut off the blank margins as it folds more evenly.

4) Fold it in half 4 times as shown in the video shows.

This is the Front View.

This is the Back View.

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