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Custom Work

I am always willing to do any custom job for any occasion,  flash movie, wall mural, portrait of your dog, or a portrait of your dogs stuffed dog. I have designed tattoos,  paintings, logos, websites, posters, postcards, comic strips,  and I even record bands, for I have a degree in audio production. My drawings make […]

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Car Tagging

Setting up at the french market has its perks for sure. One is I get my artwork out to great people all around the world. The other is that i meet great people. Sometimes it goes just beyond the exchange of money for art into a very unique conversation or experience with new people. In […]

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Moss Points North

Not to long ago I worked on a fun project for a band called “Moss Points North“. A great folk rockish style of music. I can be rather picky about my music taste, but these guys are pretty good so give them a listen. What we did here was simply manufacture a low cost CD. […]

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Dark Prince Album Cover

A Recent album cover project for Hip Hop artist Dark Prince. Front and back being used for print and web. His album is not out yet but will be dropping soon. So be sure to keep an eye out. Until then keep tabs on

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The Le Project Album Cover

The Le Project is a great band out of the Boston area with great grooves. I suggest giving them a listen. In this project we were going for low budget and organic.  This is design for a stamp on a cardboard sleeve. Keeping things to one color and keeping costs down by hand stamping the […]

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taken by name Album Art

Another project for taken by name. This time we worked on an album cover for the latest EP Kid Light Bulb. A post apocalyptic narrative was introduced into this piece that may lead into more stories. The back and front cover are included in the full poster which is designed to fold around the cd […]

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taken by name

I wrote it in all lowercase because Brandon is picky about his lettering. But this is a design project I did for a growing music project titled taken by name. I drew up the designs for the header and footer with separate layers so they can be screwed with color wise. When you listen to […]

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