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Another Series currently growing in numbers. I have these pieces that I needed to put in a home due to my need to categorize things. So here is a series of things that work with twos. Either two elements, two colors, two people, ect ect.  Just the idea of two things coming together.

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This new series is focused on the idea of sheet music acting as music its self can act. with interruptions, collisions and fluidity. For example if notes were like sound and flowed through the air.

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Musicians Series

Every instrument colors a song in its own way, just like every player. This series is about each instrument and each player. Exploring the notions of color and visual notes and the way each instrument creates them. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] All pieces are done with watercolor and ink, on cold press watercolor paper. […]

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The Grove

A series of drawings based on a dreamscape realm where instruments and musical equipment grow on trees. Here the farmers till the land and bring the harvest to the mill where they make their primary export, which is music, that is then sold in the neighboring towns.

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A series of smaller drawings based off the idea of thoughts. Daydreaming. Either in a point in time or an expression of what those thoughts do.

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Vs Them Series

A large series of drawings based off of songs from the band Stereogrove, and the first album. Stem Vs Them. Each drawing is based of a different song from that writing session.

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