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Im Glad There is You – Time Lapse

All in all this was about 14+ hours of footage squeezed into a 4 minute song. This project was a commission by a lovely person who wanted a gift for her husband. This version of the song “I’m Glad There is You” is by Jamie Collum and it is their wedding song. the drawing is based […]

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Generations is a fold-able story. Its concept was created as a quick way to tell a short story on a single sheet of paper. This particular story is about a continuing generations of a growing town, and how a town is formed over the years. Video Inside

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She’s A Rocket

A work in progress video edit. The song is by Canadian/ world traveling folk artist Mark Bethune. A combo of video and stop motion that consists of over 4000 photographs. The song, Shes a Rocket is on his latest EP, and is a story about a bollywood actress who moves far and beyond the man.

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Miss Wally Fused Glass

Here is a great fused glass artist working out of CT.  This website has a gallery and working shopping cart system set up using WordPress and various plugins.  With a little bit of tweaking from myself. I can’t take credit for the design though.

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Arson Audio Book

Another Project that was just recently completed is the recording, editing, and mixing of an audio book for a new title called “Arson” by a talented author named Estevan Vega.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with an audio book its essentially someone reading you a story that you listen to in your car […]

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The Bridge Website Construction

Just recently finished building The Bridge Sound and Stage website.  For this I worked on the CSS code and worked in a good portion of PHP to get this site functioning the way it needs to be functioning. There are a lot of cool little details in it that make it nice and slick. Its […]

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Stereogrove Promotional Videos

To gear up for a big recording show with Stereogrove I sat down with a creative team and put together a series of ideas that, with the help of some other talented folks,  (namely Matt Butler and the boys of Fort Awesome) allowed us to promote a unique event. In a nut shell we had […]

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I like to do a lot of stuff, some it is a little strange, but never the less I do it cause I love it.  So below you should find a list of things I do that don’t quite fit into the category of Drawings, Paintings, or Custom Pieces. Warning: This could get weird.

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A Pirates Quest

He is a short film that I stared in as Ninja Number #1. This was created as a promotional tool for  a music conference in PA,  for Stem.  Here I use my incredible acting talents, to look really really awesome dressed as a Ninja. I also co-wrote the story.

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