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Update of New Works

Somethings take a long time for me to get too, writing is one of them. So I finally got around to updating the website 🙂 yay. New thoughts series pieces are up, this time with color with more on the way quite soon! Also im in the middle of getting together all the holiday orders […]

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New Website

I used to love trying to figure out php, I still enjoy the concept but lately time has been constrained in terms of what i can spend my time on. However this site has been slowly coming along. New store front on the front and back end new display and functionality. I’m a big fan […]

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Generations is a fold-able story. Its concept was created as a quick way to tell a short story on a single sheet of paper. This particular story is about a continuing generations of a growing town, and how a town is formed over the years. Video Inside

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Car Tagging

Setting up at the french market has its perks for sure. One is I get my artwork out to great people all around the world. The other is that i meet great people. Sometimes it goes just beyond the exchange of money for art into a very unique conversation or experience with new people. In […]

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New Orleans Studio

I just recently moved to New Orleans, living in mid city. Which is awesome.  So far a very cool place to explore. One plus being that it is a walkable city, as in so much of the stuff that is of interest to most people is within a relatively short walking distance. Awesome things: Being […]

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Moss Points North

Not to long ago I worked on a fun project for a band called “Moss Points North“. A great folk rockish style of music. I can be rather picky about my music taste, but these guys are pretty good so give them a listen. What we did here was simply manufacture a low cost CD. […]

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Featured In Performer Magazine!

Great News! I landed an awesome feature thanks to amazing crew over at Performer Magazine. If you look at the this coming months issue page 15 you will see this! Super Excited about this! That’s why I am using so many Exclamation points!!!!!! There is also an awesome article on the Aggrolites. For those who […]

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Cities Opposed

New paintings are up on the site. You can check them out in the gallery and above. These Are small paintings 16×20 Oil on Canvas. The paintings are mirrors of each other representing different cities that are separated by water. Bombing each other from their cities.  The cities are very much alike as is the […]

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The Grove

A series of drawings based on a dreamscape realm where instruments and musical equipment grow on trees. Here the farmers till the land and bring the harvest to the mill where they make their primary export, which is music, that is then sold in the neighboring towns.

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Steady as She Goes

So in the time period that I have been off the site I have been working on a large number of projects. 1 is that the band has a new album coming out in April. 2. I have a new drawing series almost done, based off a fictuous realm of a stereogrove 3.A story series […]

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